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How to verify Google Adsense account || PIN - Verification || AdSense Address Verification With AdSense Pin - Minisoft4you

 AdSense Address Verification With AdSense "PIN".
Hello Friends, How are you? I hope You will be fine. I think You face some problems With Google Adsense address verification.  So don't worry you are not only one person, who is facing this problem. So today I gonna tell you how to verify Adsense account (address verification).

How to verify Google Adsense account || PIN - Verification ||

What is the need to verify Google Adsense address?

Friends, If you are running any Websites, blogs, and Youtube Channels. and You want to earn money through these Websites, blogs, and Youtube Channels. then you must signup with Google Adsense  (Google Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program it is run by the Google company). than ads revenue(Money) gathered into the Google Adsense product from there which is ads showing into your websites, blogs, and Youtube Channels. When you cross the $10 In your Adsense account in India. You must verify your Google Adsense account address. which is the address you filled into your Adsense account. Then Google will send you a verification letter by Post into your existing address. It is there for that you are a really exist on the given address in Adsense account.
 PIN verification is mandatory for Address Verification of your AdSense is depend on the different-different countries. Here is the address verification threshold for various countries, 

So, Adsense address verification is necessary for transferring your Adsense money into the there Bank account.
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How to verify Adsense address verification by PIN.  

When you got your Adsense verification letter. basically, this letter takes 3-4 weeks delivered into your address. if you didn't get your verification letter, You can request again for the Adsense verification letter. you can only three times request for  Adsense verification letter.
How to request again Adsense verification letter (PIN)?

If You get Adsense verification letter.  Then sign in into your Adsense account there you will see Red color line instruction.
Now follow the Given below instructions.
  • Now Click the Action button.
  • Now fill your 6 digit verification PIN into the textBox.

How to verify Google Adsense account || PIN - Verification ||When you filled 6 digits Google Adsense PIN click on the Submit PIN  Button. Then refresh the current page. 
finally, you successfully verified your Google Adsense address, Now You are ready to add your payment method (Bank Account ) into the Adsense account. when you reach a minimum of $100 in your Google Adsense account, then automatically balance transferred Google Adsense Account to the Bank Account. 

How to verified Your Google Adsense Account (Address) without a PIN.
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