Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How to Record your Android Screen with the YouTube Gaming App-2018-Minisoft4you

Youtube's gaming platform, You have to available on, it is focused primarily on live streaming of video games. There cannot be large viewers in the form of Amazon's Twitch TV, but there are some unique features that make the Whites Gaming app useful to everyone for professional gamers.

One, you do not need additional hardware or software to stream your game on YouTube. You can stream live to your desktop as well as instant live streaming from your mobile phone. And the most interesting part, YT Gaming is not just for recording gameplay, but it can be used to record an app's screencast on your Android phone.

How to Record Screencasts on Android with YouTube

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create screencasts on your Android phone via the YouTube app. Standalone screencasting apps can provide more features but with YT gaming, the big advantage is that you can also stream your phone to YouTube with the tap. The app is free and there are no ads. let's get started.

Android screencast with youtube
Launch YTGaming on Android and click on Go Live button. You can choose to stream your phone directly or record screencast first, edit the video and then upload it to YouTube.

On the next screen, select an Android app you want to stream. YTGaming will show a list of apps that fit the 'gaming' category, but you can click on the 'All Apps' link to screencast any app installed on your Android phone.

The recorder will stream all the tasks you have made during the session, including incoming notifications and text typed in the input box. Plus, it will record the audio with the surround sound as well as the speaker, though you get the option to mute the microphone. The front camera can also be closed.

After recording, swipe the notification drawer and tap to stop the session. You can now make original video edits before uploading videos to YouTube. For example, you can replace the ambient audio with background music, trim video or apply video effects such as sepia, bands, and more.

 Your screencast video is now ready to share with the world.

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