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What Is The Paytm Merchant Account? How To Make Paytm Merchant Account? Paytm Merchant Account Benefits and Uses.

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company, Nowadays paytm is a very famous Company and mostly every educated/uneducated person used peytm for transfer money an bank account to the other bank account and also paying money through the paytm wallet on shopping shops and cafe, etc. As per the company, over 7 million merchants across India use this QR code to accept payments directly into their bank account.

 Today I am gonna tell you,  What Is The Paytm Merchant Account? How To Make Paytm Merchant Account? Paytm Merchant Account Benefits and Uses. So let's Start.

What Is The Paytm Merchant Account?

Friends, we already know that paytm is a digital wallet and paytm is growing very fastly in India. We can done many things from the paytm. paytm running many useable services, so in this services, one of the best services is  Paytm Merchant service.  Paytm Merchant service only useful for the merchant (wayapari). many merchants like Shopkeeper have used paytm merchant services and taking the benefit. no needs to use a merchant account of simple/ normal persons.

Paytm Merchant Account Benefits and Uses.
Friends, what is the need for making paytm merchant account and what is the benefits paytm merchant account. we gonna discuss with you. so, You may be have seen that  QR-Code on any shop's Walls. So people Scan this code and pay money for the goods had purchased, that QR Code, You can get after making the Paytm Merchant Account

Benefits:- If You are  Shopkeeper You can take money from the customers in Simple Paytm Account, but when You Transfer this money in the own bank account or other bank account so paytm will be charged 3% of main its the disadvantage of the simple paytm Account for merchant or Shopkeeper. But When You Created Paytm merchant Account and taking the money from the customers and you will transfer this into the bank Account, paytm will be the charge upon You 0%. So its great benefit of Paytm Merchant Account.

How To Make Paytm Merchant Account?

Creating a Paytm Merchant Account is very simple. First, go to the
Official website and click Get Your QR Code after that, You will see the sign in Option, enter Your Simple Paytm Account Username and Password.  after that, you will see a blank form related to your business fill this form simply and submit. after doing these step you will get Your Paytm Merchant Account  QR Code. If have any trouble for making paytm merchant Account you can contact Paytm merchant helpline ( 012033663377 ).

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