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What is the WhatsApp Business Account And Benefit? How to make WhatsApp Business Account?

What is the WhatsApp Business Account And Benefit? How to make WhatsApp Business Account?

What is the WhatsApp Business Account?

WhatsApp Business is an Android application which is Developed by WhatsApp Company. It is free to download and you can download WhatsApp Business Application from the Google Play store. Basically, it is built for the small business. You can handle by WhatsApp business Application, Small E-commerce Store and you can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

Features of the WhatsApp Business Application.

WhatsApp Business Application Dashboard.

WhatsApp Business Application looks like the same Standard WhatsApp Application. but have inside the Advance features.

Business Settings

WhatsApp Business Application has the same settings as the Standard WhatsApp but in this application added one more Setting "Business Settings".
Business Settings have many options
  • Profile
  • Statistics
  • Short link
  • Away message
  • Greeting message
  • Quick replies.

In Profile Section You can fill the Important details of your business. like Business name, Business locations, About Business, Business time schedule, Email, Business Website, youtube Channel etc. 
In this section, you can see all the details of your Sent and Received Messages.
3.Short link

In this section, You got a link(URL) to your WhatsApp Business Account. Through this URL your customers easily can contact you. You can also refer this URL to invite customers or friends.
4.Away Message
Through the Away Message, You can send the Autoreply messages when you away or busy. You can write the custom message for Autoreply according to your business.
5.Greeting Message
6.Quick Replies
This feature is very cool, You can give the customers Quick replay without typing messages. Use Quick replies to create keyboard shortcuts for Frequently sent messages. to send type "/" select a message to forward.
So friends in this application have so many features I can't discuss Everything here. if you have to needs this Application for his business you can download its Application, download button given below.

 WhatsApp Business

How to make WhatsApp Business Account?

First, download the WhatsApp Business, then registered WhatsApp Business Account after verifying the Mobile number and fill the necessary field and set up your business information carefully. Now you are ready to do your business.

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